How To Pay For School

There are several options to consider when it comes to paying for school:

1) Private money. If you are paying out of pocket we offer payment plans to help with tuition. There is a down payment required and the remaining balance can be stretch over the duration of the class.
We able to accept different types of payment: cash, check, money order, credit/debit cards.

2) Colorado Works:

3) Department of Human Services

4) Arapahoe/Douglas Works – Workforce Center – for residents of Arapahoe and Douglas counties

Workforce Centers (Office of Economic Development, Division of Workforce Development, City and County of Denver)

Job-seeking services and computer classes. Certain programs require documentation of citizenship or refugee status.

Denver Workforce Center at Speer
(Denver County)
1391 N. Speer Blvd., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80204
Denver Workforce Center at Westside
1200 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
Denver Workforce Center at DIA
8500 Pena Blvd.
5th Level, Main Terminal, West Side
Denver, CO 80249
Denver Workforce Center at Montbello
(Denver County)
4685 Peoria St., Suite 251
Denver, CO 80239
Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
Lowry Satellite Office
9235 E. 10th Dr.
Denver, CO 80230
Refugee Employment Program
1200 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204

5) CWEE:

6) G.I Bill – for military personnel

7) Mi Casa Resource Center
360 Acoma St.
Denver, CO 80223
Services include free GED and ESL classes, job assistance, legal nights (covering immigration, financial issues, housing, employment, and family law), entrepreneurial classes and business loans, and Career Development Training in hospitality, Healthcare, and construction. Some services offered in Spanish.

Other Helpful Links:

1) African Community Center
5250 Leetsdale Dr.
Denver, CO 80246
Official Refugee Resettlement program offering a variety of services and case management to support employment, housing, and cultural adjustment for refugees. Languages spoken include American Sign Language, Amharic, Arabic, Bari, Bosnian, Burmese, Dinka, Farsi, French, Kiswahili, Korean, Nuer, Oromo, Pashtu, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Swahili, and Tigrinya.

2) Centro San Juan Diego
2830 Lawrence St.
Denver, CO 80206
Bienestar Family Services: 303-297-8696
Extensive health and adult education services, as well as help with housing, taxes, legal advice, citizenship, ESL, GED, and computer skills. Provides assistance and support to new immigrants. Spanish-speaking staff are available.

3) Cross Community Coalition Family Resource Centers
2501 East 48th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216
Variety of services and programs, including ESL, GED, parenting classes, homework help, assistance with applications for government programs, employment assistance, free health clinic for children and youth, and a computer center. Spanish-speaking staff are available.

4) Denver Urban Ministries
1717 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80218
Spanish-speaking case manager: 303-350-5075
Assistance with housing, utilities, and employment, as well as referrals to other agencies. Also provides emergency and stabilization services for individuals in need, and free legal nights. Spanish-speaking staff are available.

5) Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services (REFUGEES ONLY)
1600 Downing St., Suite 400
Denver, CO 80218
Resettlement assistance and case management (for refugees only). Also provides food assistance, job help, and referrals for refugees to other service providers. Languages include Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Farsi, Karen, Oromo, Serbian-Croatian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, and Turkish.

6) El Centro Humanitario
2260 California Street
Denver, CO 80205
Employment assistance and work education programs for men and women. Legal clinics and legal representation for work-related conflicts. Also offers financial education programs. Staff speak Spanish.

7) Lutheran Family Services
1600 Downing St., Suite 600
Denver, CO 80216
Legal services for immigrants, including help with permanent residential status, employment authorization, naturalization, and visas. Also provides refugee resettlement services and case management. Languages spoken include Af-May, Amharic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Burmese, English, French, Grebo, Kikongo, Kituba, Krio, Mende, Pular (Fulani), Russian, Slovene, Somali (Af-Maxaa), Spanish, Swahili, Temne, Thai, Tshiluba, Ukrainian, and Wolof.

8) Mercy Housing
1999 Broadway, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80202
Low-cost housing at several properties for refugees, seniors, families, and the disabled. Services for residents include adult education, ESL, financial literacy, healthcare assistance, and youth programs.

9) Servicios de la Raza
4055 Tejon St.
Denver, CO 80211
Mental health services for adults, assistance for victims of domestic violence, case management for individuals with HIV/AIDS, and youth programs. Also offers help with accessing public healthcare services and filling out forms. Spanish-speaking staff are available.

10) Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning
1610 Emerson St.
Denver, CO 80218
Educational programs including pre-employment training, ESL, and cultural diversity awareness. Collaborates with the Emily Griffith Opportunity School to offer workplace preparation courses for refugees and asylees. Also operates the Interpreter Network of Colorado (INoC), providing interpretation and translation for 80 languages. Languages spoken by staff include Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Somali, and Spanish.

11) Focus Points Family Resource Center
2501 E. 48th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216
Extensive programs and classes for adults, children, and families, with expertise in working with Latino populations. Classes include ESL, GED (in English and Spanish), adult basic education, early childhood education, employment, parenting, and more.

12) Intercambio de Comunidades
ESL Classes offered at various locations in Denver, and other classes (citizenship, computer literacy, cultural exchange) in the Boulder/Lafayette area.