EKG/Cardiology Technician Certification Program

EKG Technicians

An EKG technician is responsible for assisting physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac or heart,and peripheral vascular or blood vessel ailments. The abbreviation EKG is short for electrocardiographic
technician. Job duties include scheduling appointments, reviewing physicians’ interpretations of patient files, and monitoring patient’s heart rates. Technicians operate and are responsible for the care of test
equipment, explaining procedures to patient, and comparing findings to a standard to identify any problems.

There are different areas that as an EKG technician you can specialize in such as invasive cardiology,non-invasive including echocardiography, or vascular technology. A basic EKG test involves the technician
using electrodes on specific parts of the patient’s body such as the chest, arms and legs to determine if the patient has an irregular heartbeat.

Morning schedule

Once a week for 8 weeks (9 am – 2 pm)
  • starts on 01/21/2015

Evening schedule

Once a week for 8 weeks (4 pm – 9 pm)
  • starts on 04/01/2015